Currently Loving // 002

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey my dashing superstars!  I'm back with another edition of what I'm currently loving.  This is a fun way to talk about things that have made me laugh, inspired and encouraged me, helped me and made me smile over the past few weeks, and a way for me to introduce (hopefully) new things to you so that you can enjoy them too!!  If you have a blog, send me a link to what you're currently loving so we can all be in the KNOW!
I love this post on 25 Signs You're Addicted to Diet Coke.  This is probably me to a T, except with Coke Zero! I'm a total hoarder of Coke Zero bottles and could be drinking out of three at any given point.

How adorable are these Valentine tags, from Eighteen 25?  These are perfect for anytime of year to show that special guy in your life that you are thinking about them, and that you appreciate them.

I'm one of those people that stay in bed until the very last second.  This article comes in quite handy in the mornings when I'm rushing out the door! Check it out here.

I'm loving this cute store on envy, Weekend Society.  There are definitely a few shirts I'd like to pick up from here.  I'm always looking for small businesses to support, since I have one of my own :-). And lastly...

Have you guys seen those lame FB videos... This is way better :-)  Enjoy!!

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xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Oh I definitely need to check out those hairstyles. I'm not a morning person at all, I know I can be out the door in 7 minutes so I don't even try to get up early any more.

  2. Loving the hairstyles one!! I'm always a get-out-the-door ASAP kind of girl so I rarely do my hair-- but if they're easy, I may just try 'em out! And that Facebook video was funny!

  3. Yeah yeah!! Some of them I'm still mastering, but once I get it down, it'll be quick and easy.

  4. Haha! Right. I was gonna do one of those FB videos, but they are so lame. I wish you could highlight different things instead of it being completely generated by FB.

  5. SO do I! I think I'm going to order it the next time I get paid.

  6. Those tags are precious. I might be biased because of how much I love food...not mad about it :]

  7. I could seriously use them year 'round. And I love that they aren't too mushy!


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