The Brave Dame: If It's Not Okay, It's Not The End

Thursday, February 13, 2014

When a woman finds herself at (what she thinks) is her lowest of lows and then starts to climb back up - that is one of the most empowering things in the world.  To take baby steps, or maybe leaps in brushing off the dust - looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing you're worth and value, you can't help but want to climb the highest peak and shout it to the world.  This is the part where Katy Perry's Roar starts playing in the background, because that was 100% my anthem when I took those steps in going, "...from zero, to my own hero."

After publishing my post, ON BEING SINGLE - So Worth Loving, I knew I had more to share on this topic.  But this isn't just for the single girls.  This is for every girl - in a relationship or not.  We are all so worth loving.  So today, I'm starting up a new series called The Brave Dame - and this is all about being brave, confident, dauntless and courageous women.

This past month I've been attending a weekly book study, where we've been going over the book, Chazown: Define Your Vision. Pursue Your Passion. Live Your Life on Purpose. .  This last week we talked about past experiences and how when you are lined up with God, "...every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good." - Romans 8:28 (MSG).

Please trust that I am walking out my faith in God every day, and it isn't easy.  I've already made mistakes, and will definitely make more - however, this verse gives me hope and joy because this is His promise to me.  Whatever we go through in life, whether good or bad - it will work out into something good in the end. As that one saying goes, "if it's not okay, it's not the end."

One of the ladies in the book study group shared about how, if it wasn't for her having a rare retina disease, she wouldn't have met the woman at the retina center who ended up inviting her to church, subsequently giving her life to God and now living the life she is living now.  That is one of her testimonies where something was meant for bad, and was turned into good (or had a positive outcome).

Today, I wanted to encourage you to continue to run your race and keep your head in the game when life throws you a curve ball - or just body slams you to the ground.  Whatever may come your way in life, you are STRONG enough, TOUGH enough, BRAVE enough to endure it and come out stronger, tougher and braver in the end.

Whenever I go through troubling situations there are a few things I like to do while waiting for time to pass (ie: my past breakup), or waiting for the courage to take a few steps in the right direction:
  1. Find a song that relates to my pain and situation.
  2. Find a song that encourages me to be stronger than the pain or situation (Enter "Roar" - Katy Perry, or even, "Best Thing I Never Had," - Beyonce).
  3. Scour Facebook and Pinterest for encouraging quotes that relate to my situation.
These things are in addition to praying and finding scriptures that apply to my situation as well. 
Lastly, I wanted to leave you with this quote from C.S. Lewis.  It is simple, yet to the point.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with life, let alone the curve balls we are thrown, that we forget that in order to get from point A to point B - we just need to take step!

For more on The Brave Dame series, click here.

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Love this :) Im hoping there's a dance to go with the roar song wonderful woman there should be!
    Thankyou for sharing this encouraging post I was really in need of this tonight as been in a slump the last few weeks and I have had a bit of a pep talk from the PT but nothing worked but this really spoke to me so thankyou!

  2. Sigh of relief. I wasn't sure if the point was coming across or if it didn't dig deep enough. So happy that you found this encouraging and helpful to you Emma!! PS: What is a PT? I'm automatically thinking Physical Therapist. I was thinking of doing this series once a month, but maybe I'll do it more if there are more people enjoying them!

  3. It definitely did for me I loved it :) I'm also gonna add it to my Super Sunday post hope that's ok?
    Pt is personal trainer - mines called Dave and he's all kinds of awesome I'm very lucky! X

  4. I'm the same way with music- so many life happenings and heartaches can be fixed with the perfect song to relate then finding a song for encouragement!

  5. It really is a very empowering feeling when you bounce back from something and feel good about yourself again! Thank you for the reminder to be strong when life throws you a curve ball (or hockey puck I should say) because I've had a lot of those lately.

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  6. Wow, that lady's story is really powerful! This is a great post! I'm looking forward to other The Brave Dame posts. :)

  7. So powerful!! What I love about it is how she correlated something bad that turned into good. Excited to do more of these Brave Dame posts :-)

  8. Hi Ashley (new here?). Thank you for commenting. Hockey pucks are no fun either. Keep that head high girl!! You got this ;)

  9. Hey Ellie!! Yes - music is so powerful and definitely speaks to me.


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