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Thursday, March 20, 2014

So if you didn’t know, we’re already down three weeks in March and I’ve posted a whole FOUR blog posts!  Wow.  I guess it is pretty safe to say that life has been handing it to me lately and when I get home at the end of the day all I want to do is put my feet up and relax!  Today we’re doing a catch all of what’s been going of as of late!  Go grab yourself a cup of tea of coffee, cause this is going to be a long one.

FOOD!  I’m a big foodie!  I love the acai blended breakfast smoothie.  I tried one other and it wasn’t all that great!  I’ll stick to this one!  Fat Tuesday was on March 5th!  In Hawaii we dub it Malasada Day.  If you don’t know what these delicious balls of dough are, get educated!  Rice Cake is a popular snack in Hawaii that you usually get from the Manapua Man (Hawaii’s manapua man is equivalent to the mainland’s Taco Truck).  It is originally from China, and you can read more about it: here.  One of my all-time favorite cakes is the Guava Chiffon!  Light and fluffy guava cake, whipped cream and guava coulis.  You can’t go wrong.  Earlier this week Kayli from Kayli Wanders posted her first experience with mochi ice cream and I got an instant craving for it, so I went to 7-11 after work to get me a mini 2-pack kona coffee mochi ice cream fix.  Work was crazy busy yesterday.  Not only did I have five family care plan meetings but I also got to help set up for a catering event.  Definitely started my morning off with some iced coffee and Brown Cow’s yummy Chocolate Yogurt.   Around 10 am I arrived in the dining room to help Chef set up this pretty pineapple tree (you can’t see it, but there are palms coming out of the top of that pineapple tower).  The pineapples are covered in swirls of strawberries, coconut butter mochi, brownies and mini cream puffs.  We also did spicy ahi poke bowl appetizers (sushi rice topped with spicy ahi, green onion and orange tobiko). And lastly, today’s breakfast, a dear old friend, berry and coconut milk smoothie topped with granola. Yum!!  And that’s what’s been going on in this foodie’s life!

I mean – these faces are just too cute right!! Alas, another dog has won over my heart.  If I could get her owner to give her to me, I would – but apparently he loves her just as much as I do!  So you all know Kaimana, that lil 45 pound chunk of terror!  We’ve been having a good time lately.  He loves his walks up the hill and enjoys playing rope.  I think I like playing rope more than he does since it doesn’t require me getting all hot and sweaty.  I can actually sit in a lawn chair and toss it all over the yard while he tires himself out!  Love it.  And that sweet lil girl in the middle, Lilo, is the cutest little weekly visitor ever!  She is a therapy dog that visits the residents at my facility every week.  She is such a loving and quiet spirit and so so so soft!  When I have my own place I will definitely be getting a lap dog just like her, because, quite frankly, Kaimana is too cool for school and doesn’t like everyone to know just how much he really loves his mom.

The weather in Hawaii has been going through some major PMS’ing if you catch my drift.  One day its raining, the next it is beautiful and sunny.  One side of the island is storming, the other side is beautiful.  The next day it can’t make up its mind.  At any rate, due to my Uncle and Aunt visiting from Canada  I was able to take some scenic pictures since we usually take for granted the places in which we live and sometimes forget to take in the beauty of it all!

I’ve been a little hush about the newest person in my life – but there is a person, and we’re getting to know each other.  I’ve definitely learned a lot from my past relationships and am applying those lessons to this new person in my life.  We’ll call him “R”.

Lastly – because you all know how much I love to celebrate all of us BRAVE DAMES, encouraging self love and self worth, here are a few of my selfies from this month.

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  1. Yay! It sounds like March has been a good month for you, Kele!!! And ooh, that's exciting about "R!"

  2. Yes it's been good!! I'll be sharing the busy parts later!! Haha :) and a new direction here at 91D.

  3. Lilo is adorable! I love lap dogs. :) And Kaimana is adorable, too! The weather in Minnesota has been the same way except that here we go from 50 degrees one day to freezing and snowy the next.

  4. I know!! She is a dachshund, maltese, chihuahua mix. OH - you know, they are having a conference in Minneapolis this July for the ANFP (a professional organization I'm apart of), and I'm trying to go. What part of MN do you live in?

  5. Aww, she has a little doxie in her. My sister has a mini doxie. :) Really? That's so cool! I live in Minneapolis. Do you know where the conference will be taking place?

  6. Oh yeah, it'll be in Minneapolis. I'll definitely let you know if I get to go!

  7. Sounds like you have been super busy! I always love people's dogs and wish I could have them sometimes. hehehe and, is that a pic of "R"!? Get it girl! ;)


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