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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life will never be 100% perfect.  People will mess up.  The weather will change in a moment's notice.  The economy may tank unexpectedly.  A bird might poop on your hair two seconds after you walk out of a salon. YIKES!  And in the midst of it all, we get to make the decision whether to be happy or sad; joyful or sorrowful; optimistic or gloomy.

This week, no matter what comes my way, I choose to have a vibrant week.  According to good ol Merriam Webster, VIBRANT means, having or showing great life, activity and energy; very bright and strong. I want to have a great life.  I want to partake in great activities, and emit good energy to those around me.  I want to be a bright and strong BRAVE DAME!  Don't you?

My action plan?  Three easy steps!

1. Take care of myself.
In every area of my life, I need to DO ME!  Physically, financially, spiritually, socially, emotionally.  If you can't take care of yourself first, if you can't love yourself first - how do you expect to take care of and love others.  How can you emit good energy to those around you?  For me, this means:
  • Getting in the gym and being active.  Last night I convinced myself I'd work out at home (stationary bike and a pinterest workout), however, when I got home my nephews were there.  I ended up helping one of them with homework.  Then my mom made this fabulous dinner and I ate more than usual. Afterwards I lounged around, talked with R and watched Blacklist.  Before I know it its 10:30 and time for bed!
  • Sticking to my budget. It is so stressful when you know you are strapped for cash, or choosing to not live within your means.  Last week I was a little over-zealous in getting ahead with bills and actually overdrafted my bank account.  Luckily I was able to put money in there to cover the overdraft, but that meant that for the next ten days I'd have to do with the cash I had in my wallet ($13/day).  So I'm making it work.  Guess what?  Yeah, its not fun that I can't just go to happy hour with a girlfriend or buy some makeup at MAC, but it is much more rewarding to be successful at this challenge and be a good steward over my money!
  • Build my relationship with God.  This part is so vital to my everyday happiness and overall joy in life.  I know without him I would be in a really bad place emotionally, and I'm so thankful for his unending grace, mercy and love that He shows me every day.  The least I can do is dedicate a small part of my day to tell Him I love Him, worship Him and let Him guide my day.
  • Broaden my social circle.  If I learned anything from my last relationship, it was to not revolve my world around another human being. Huge, huge lesson!  Old habits die hard and it is easy to get caught up into that vicious cycle again.  It is so important to remind myself daily of this!  Luckily I visit with this awesome group of girls once a week for girl talk + we are going through the book Chazown which also feeds into my spiritual life as well!
  • Letting things go.  I can be a very emotional person.  I love to love people, and I love them hard.  It is hard for me to accept that someone would do something hurtful to me and I give many people the benefit of the doubt when they don't deserve it.  Also, I like to over-analyze situations, and can totally misconstrue something.  I came across a status post on Facebook last night, and it couldn't be truer than true.  It's funny because lately I've been telling a few of my close friends that I've come to realize that if I want a different outcome with R than past relationships, I need to do something different.  I need to relax a little bit, and not over-analyze simple situations and make it complicated, or albeit dramatic!
"If you've been through a string of failed relationships, remember that only one thing has remained constant through all of them - YOU.  Whether its the way you pick the people you choose to date (your "type"), the ways you choose to communicate and react or even what you're looking for in a relationship, something has to change.  The only thing that you can control in this life is yourself.  That's where change begins." - Theo Caesar (facebook).
2. Always look for the good.
It is a daily choice to see the glass half full, opposed to being half empty.  Living a vibrant life means to find the good in every situation, even if that just means a lesson learned.  It is TOO EASY to pick out the negatives in this world.  "Oh my eyebrows aren't shaped the same."  "OMG, there is so much traffic."  "I can't believe I have to work with her again!"  I'm sure you all could come up with a million other negative outlooks that you might encounter through daily life.  Let's look at life through a different set of glasses where we see that we are all beautifully and wonderfully made.  Where, we take that extra time in traffic to catch up on a favorite podcast, listen to some fun tunes and have a karaoke party for one!  Where, we take working with that "favorite" co-worker as personal challenge to better one's self and build up our own character.

3. Encourage others to do the same
While encouraging others to live the life I'm preaching, it keeps me accountable to continue to live a joyful and vibrant life every single day, even when the going gets tough; because actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.  And when you're able to pull that off, it just makes life that much sweeter!

So choose to have a VIBRANT day today!!
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  1. Loved this post, Aukele! It's so important to do what we can so that the little things don't get to ourselves. :)

  2. This is a great post! It's so true. Having a vibrant day or week or life is a choice. It's all how you look at it. :)

  3. Woohoo! I can feel the positivity and inner-cheerleader-ness of this post through the screen! Taking time to love one's self is the most precious act we can do, I believe, and it opens the door to so much other positivity.

    A lot of the bullet points you listed, I need to work on as well. Especially the being more social (though I am getting better!) and I also agree that going to the gym is way different than working out at home. I always have good intentions for at home, but find it gets pushed aside. If you're going to the gym, there's nothing else to do there but follow through with your intention! :)

  4. Thanks sister!!! I really just want to share the love and encourage others to live a more joyful life.

  5. You hit it on the nose Erika! It really does open up the door to so much more. I tend to lead an independent life. I love and cherish my alone time - but I know the importance of having socializing with others and making connections. Definitely something I have to consciously work on.


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