Weekly Wishes // 007

Monday, March 3, 2014

Aloha Kakahiaka! Today I'm back with the seventh installment of Weekly Wishes link up (2014) hosted by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective.  I love this link up because it helps you to focus on small goals that you can accomplish within a week to ensure you stay productive and don't procrastinate the small steps that take you to bigger leaps.  These goals can be as small as keeping the clothes off the floor and as big as launching a business.  It is really meant to meet you wherever you are in life and I hope you take some time to think about what you want to accomplish this week and let us all know so we can encourage each other.

Wow - and last week was a blur!  We'll leave it at that won't we.

1. An organized work life.  Last week my wish was to have an organized work life.  Well the week went pretty smooth, but I still need to map out some things and write it all down so that when I have a crazy week, I still remember which things need to be priority (pending on the week).  I know, so vague - but it makes sense for me!

1. Lose 2 pounds.  I'm on the cusp of dropping one of those middle digits and I'd really like to get there this week!
2. Drink water every day. I need to make this a habit, pronto.
3. Create a visual for my goals. I want to create something I can print out and post in my room so that I don't lose sight of the goals that I have set for myself this year.

Lastly, I just had to share this video that I saw on Maddie Richardson's blog. Maddie's mom always sends her the best Youtube videos and she always shares them with her followers, so I thought I'd pass the cuteness on to the 91D community!  Enjoy :) .... Ssshh!

PS: It's Girl's Day... so Happy Girl's Day to all of you dashing, beautiful ladies!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Good luck this week with your goals. I totally understand the drinking water more everyday! I too try to do the same but find myself drinking tea, or juice more.
    As far as the organization, I have been on that task lately as well. I actually found some cool organizing ideas from Pinterest. Type in Free organizing printables or related and you'll get some pretty fun things to print and you can hang or whatever you'd like! Take it or leave it but I was so excited when I started getting print happy haha! Hope you are successful this week!! Good luck!
    Stacey @ PS Loves Adventure

  2. Happy Girl's Day! :) I need to work on the water intake, too. I've been slacking off lately. And I always have to put up a visual representation of my goals, too. Keep them where I can see them and be reminded of them at all times. Good luck with your goals this week!


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