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Thursday, April 10, 2014

As I've shared in my 2014 Goals series, it is truly my heart's desire to become financially free and to expand my social life.  Previously, I let different things dictate how I handled my finances, and now I am paying for it (yes, literally as well).  On top of that, I was the girl who revolved her life around a single person, and it is important before I get into another serious relationship that I build my social circle and force myself out of my comfort zone.

Enter THIRTY-ONE BAGS!  I've known about this company for a few years, and love the message behind it (Proverbs 31).  I think this is a perfect channel for me to reach some of my financial and joyful goals I've set for myself this year.  Not only that, quite a few of their products can help me with my organizational goals - which I am SUPER excited about.  
  1.  Who doesn't love coordinating products?
  2.  Who wouldn't want to get it for free (or at a discount)?
  3.  What is more exciting about organizing than finding a cute system to organize yourself with?
$25 ($80 value) with a purchase of $35
$25 ($80 value) with a purchase of $35
Taking advantage of the specials really give you the most bang for your buck when shopping with Thirty One, for sure!  Check out some of these every day solutions as well:

If you are looking for an easy way to organize your life, I encourage you to peruse my Thirty One Bags site and I guarantee that we can find several solutions that will work for you and your home.  Also - if you just want to splurge on yourself with a weekender bag or new tote, that is totally cool too!  If you want to host a party, we can definitely do a virtual party if you don't reside in Hawaii and you're able to get all the benefits that you would in a regular "brick and mortar" type party.  Lastly, if you're looking for an opportunity to meet some of your financial, social, spiritual and organizational goals, let's talk - this just might be the thing for you too!!

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