What a Weekend

Monday, April 28, 2014

Seriously? Monday morning already???  Boo to that one, times a million.  Anyway, hello Monday.  Please treat me well because after the weekend I had, I need all the help I can get.  So about that weekend!  
Friday night was quite chill.  Me and the man relaxed and ate one of our favorite pau hana friday dinners: corned beef and onions, poke, taegu, poi and rice. Watched a bit of tv till we both knocked out and I had the energy to get up and go home.  Real eventful, right?!  Youngins - this is what you get to look forward to once you hit your late twenties!  Haha. 
Saturday was very productive, I must say!  I am almost done clearing out my closet - only a couple more boxes to go. I have two trash bags full of clothes ready to be given to charity that will be picking it up on Wednesday.  I also got rid of 3 boxes of trash. Woot woot on that one!  Also - I got stuck watching Cassey Ho videos.  Now - I 've known about her site for a while, as my lovely friend Crystal is a big advocate of hers,  but I never really checked her out until Saturday.  She is so inspirational and I am finally ready to put in some work on that physical aspect of life that I've been MAJORLY slacking on.  Speaking of - I was about to pick up a set of dumbbells when R told me he had a pair of 15 pounders that he doesn't use, so I'll be using them!  Double woot to that.  I had a late lunch with my mom and the nephews at Genki - one of our favorites; then later, R brought home a Ribeye steak from work so we shared that with some of the left over poke from Friday night.

Yesterday was a WHIRLWIND!!  I had my first (albeit, very successful) thirty one gifts party and it was SO.MUCH.FUN!  I was super nervous, but I had a blast, was able to make the hostess' guests laugh and sold lots and lots of bags!  The big seller was obviously the April special - I sold 6 All Pro Totes at $25 (regular $80) (they all spent $35 to get the deal).  My favorite part about that bag is that there is pocket that goes into the bag for your shoes, completely lined so that the shoes are "in the bag" but in a separate compartment that doesn't get your other items dirty!  LOVE IT!!

After a much needed nap, R and I did a double feature and saw Brick Mansion and The Other Women.  So pretty much all of the movies we've seen up until tonight have mostly been action or scary type movies (ie: no chick flicks).  Earlier in the day I asked him, "So would you ever take one for the team and watch a funny "chick flick" with your girl?" to which he replied, "Of course I will." Can you say keeper!  Haha.  Honestly I wasn't expecting him to go for it - let alone, in the end like The Other Women better than Brick Mansion; but I was surprised! He is a very macho type of guy, but he always surprises me - so kudos on that.

And so now it is 2:18 in the AM - and I really need to get some sort of sleep in order to function later on this morning.  So toodles canoodles!  It's been real :)

PS: How was  your weekend?

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  1. I loved your last line about Friday night. So true! My friend and I talk about that all the time. A few years ago we were able to stay up chatting or watching TV until 2 or 3 am and when we went out we'd be getting home after midnight. Now we're lucky to make it to 11:30. Sigh.

    You had a busy weekend! It's really sweet that R was totally willing to watch chick flicks with you. I hope you had a great Monday!

  2. Haha "late twenties". I love you, my friend. Wait until you hit mid 40's. ;) Try to rest up between now and then. xo

  3. UGH! I know, i know... but I'm such a homebody now-a-days!! And I don't even have children yet! YIKES :-). I guess I'm saving all my energy for when that time comes!

  4. It is sad times. Haha.. and he is seriously the sweetest!!! He makes me smile every day and keeps being the "unexpected" :)


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