Goals for May

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco yall!!  I hope you enjoy it.  I'll be indulging in some avocado and lime today for a snack - but that is about it in that department.
Now - before we get into anything further, I just wanted to share a lil piece I did on Saturday night.  I'm totally having a blast playing with typography and what not.  What do you think?

Anyway - today will be pretty boring.  Just wanted to share some goals that I have in hopes that some of you will keep me accountable through the month to stay focused and get them done!  Without further ado..

May Goals:
  • Re-brand 91 Dash. I've been talking about it forever, and I really need to just settle on a name so that we can take care of this, STAT.
  • Create a new blog dedicated to food. It's no surprise that I love sharing recipes with you all - and I'm definitely a foodie at heart.  I really feel that this is one area that I could actually do a niche blog with great content not only for the readers - but content that I enjoy creating as well.  The goal for this site - long term, is to generate income through different channels (ebooks, affiliations, etc).  Of course, one big thing from halting progress is the whole name issue!
  • Finish de-cluttering my room. I'm almost done guys.  I can see the finish line.  Once it is done, then I'll be able to be in full-on remodel mode, although I've somewhat already started.  I do need to clear out some space in an outside closet to store some things.  However, I've gotten rid of a ton (in the trash, at Goodwill, etc.), and I feel so good about the sanctuary I'm creating.
  •  Lose 8 pounds.  Yep, I just put a number up on that bad baby.  Honestly, I'm scared of failing if I say 10.  I feel like 8 is definitely doable (HELLO SMART GOALS).  I'm so over this plateau, and I know what I need to do - and I'm ready to get'r done!

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  1. Love the text image you created :) I understand how hard it is to rebrand ... done it a few times (biz and personal) myself. Good luck with this month's goals!

  2. Good luck with the re-brand!! That's exciting

  3. Re-branding is so exciting! I JUST launched my re-brand today!! Yay!!! Good luck with the rest of your goals this week!!

  4. I totally want to re-brand my blog too! The typography is so cute. Can't wait to see your re-brand girl (:

  5. Good luck on the re-branding of your blog. Great goals for may!

  6. Thanks Jenny!!! What type of re-brand are you wanting to do?

  7. Awesome! I tried to check out your blog, but your link isn't in your DISQUS profile... How to set up your disqus profile ---> http://www.91dash.com/2013/08/how-to-set-up-your-disqus-profile.html

  8. Thanks Stephanie!! Once I figure out how to re-direct 91dash to a new URL things can get going in motion. (Oh and figuring out the name, but I think I know what I've decided on).

  9. Thanks lady! :-) Have an amazing week Christina :)

  10. Good luck with rebranding! :) I'm excited to see your food blog. I meant to tell you in the last post that you talked about this that you should go to pinchofyum.com, if you're not already. It's a husband/wife team. The wife takes care of all of the content and the husband does the business side of things. He posts monthly income traffic reports, as a learning tool for them and for other bloggers. I've actually learned a lot from them and I'm not a food blogger. They also do a lot of ebooks. :)

    I've been decluttering too... mostly clothes right now. I recently found a blog about creating a capsule wardrobe and while I'm not at a capsule wardrobe point yet, I'm getting closer and closer. This blogger has inspired me to seriously clean out my clothing.

  11. I love food blogs, so I'm excited to see what happens with your re-branding! Good luck with your goals this month!

  12. Crystal -

    Thank you for being such a loyal reader. I appreciate everything you share in the comments! I actually have followed pinch of yum for a while and they are somewhat of an inspiration to my branching off the foodie side of this blog into a niche blog. I had signed up to be an affiliate of their program a while ago, and I will be promoting their items on my food blog as well.

    I've been decluttering clothes as well. I've given away 3 trash bags full and am going to do that turn the hanger around system. If the hanger isn't back to the way it should be by 2 months - out it goes.

  13. Hey Erika - yes, definitely excited to get it up and running. Will let you all know when the site is live.

  14. Of course! I love your blog. :) Isn't Pinch of Yum a great blog? They've made me think about starting a food blog too, but while I can cook and bake, recipe creation really isn't my thing, so I'll stick to making the recipes that they post. I also love that they live in Minnesota too, so they're posting soup recipes when it's freezing here and soup is all that I want. :)

    That turn around hanger system sounds great! I wish I could do that but I actually have a tiny closet so most of my clothes are in a dresser. I think I weeded out all of the clothes that I don't wear, though, except for one because I absolutely love it and it's from Austria so I don't want to let it go yet. It feels really good to have cleared out all of those unworn clothes, though. (I even had to cut tags off a few--oops!) If you're interested (and aren't already reading it) the blog that gave me the final push to seriously go through my wardrobe is Un-Fancy: http://www.un-fancy.com/. I also love her outfit posts, because it makes me think of different ways to style the clothes that I have. I bought a few shirts for spring and it also changed the way I was shopping. Instead of looking at something and thinking, "I like it, it's mine!" I took the time to think about different ways that I could style it.


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