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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dude, really??  An update post?  I know guys - so lame.  Life has just been whizzing by, and sometimes it is hard to keep up.  I've been working like a tortoise on my new project, but I'm still lapping everyone else sitting on the couch re-watching Orange Is The New Black in preparation of Season 2 NEXT WEEK!!! Right? RIGHT! 

One of my FAVE breakfasts to make on a leisurely morning would be toast with smashed avocado (topped with a sprinkling of Himalayan pink sea salt, black pepper and lime juice) and an egg (sliced and boiled or fried hard).  YUM!  I'm also trying to up my health game with the 'ol doxbull, Kaimana and more health eats - apple banana and pre-portioned peanut butter, anyone?  R let me use his 10 and 15 pound dumbbells so I don't have to drive out to the gym to get a work out in - thanks hun!

A lil sea salt is good for the soul! Including dogs too!!  Kaimana thoroughly enjoyed his day with his mama.  Went to the beach, got a good deep cleaning and trimming session.  One happy lil dude, especially with his homeboy, Noah!  PS: Last week was crazy with potlucks galore.  Like literally 4 days last week at work.  Oh and hello short hair!  Yep, cut off a bunch of dead weight and I'm loving the new 'do.
This past weekend was relaxing.  Saturday I took care of business at home and had a night in with R and some Korean food at my place.  Then on Sunday, R and I hung out at the beach for a bit, before we got rained out.  Hopefully we'll have good weather this weekend and we can try again.  Yesterday I was able to get in some good 'ol Starbucks time and work on my newest project!  Slow progress is better than no progress right?

So that's been my life lately!  This week I'd love to make more headway on the new project.  Need to install Genesis and get a new theme set up.  Then add in all the plug-ins and hopefully figure out Disqus on Wordpress.  Oh yay me! Hahaha!!!  Hope you all have an amazing week!!

What have you all been up to recently?

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. All the food in these pictures is making me hungry. It all looks so good! :)

  2. Girl I'm a foodie at heart!!!! :-) So what do you think about Whippin' Kitchen as a blog name??

  3. I love Whippin' Kitchen! Is that the name you're planning to go with? It's really catchy and I can totally visualize different ways to do some branding with that name. :)


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