June Goals

Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Monday lovelies -
It's that time again to check in on goals.  Let's just get right into it, shall we?

May Goals:

  • Re-brand 91 Dash. I bought the new url for the re-brand, but still need to work on it.  It will be on the back burner until the food blog has launched.
  • Create a new blog dedicated to food. I bought the new url for this one too, and set up the Wordpress blog, however - I still need to install themes and get it more prepared before I start posting on here - although I'm super excited.
  • Finish de-cluttering my room. So I took a break from this one for this month - however, my room is pretty clean.  The clutter is just hiding, lol!
  •  Lose 8 pounds.  Yep, I just put a number up on that bad baby.  Honestly, I'm scared of failing if I say 10.  I feel like 8 is definitely doable (HELLO SMART GOALS).  I'm so over this plateau, and I know what I need to do - and I'm ready to get'r done!

Before I get into my June goals I wanted to address the white elephant in the room... because I pretty much didn't really meet any of my goals.  So why?  Honestly, I've been busy living my life.  I work hard, I play hard, I love hard.  My life has been consumed with working, side hustles and R and that's just the plain and simple truth.  We have our routines and I kind of love it.  I could blog at 10:30 at night, but why when sleeping seems to be so much better at the time, lol!  Anyway, no sugar coating.  It's the honest truth and I wouldn't change it one bit.  I've done quite a bit of lounging in my free time as well, no lie!  I purchased myself a new television in the beginning of May and I've been catching up on favorite shows as well.  So that's been my life!  Now - let's get to some goals that are much more attainable this month!


June Goals:

  • Launch my food blog.  I made little progress on this, but I really want to launch this bad boy this month.
  • Finish de-cluttering my room. Going to pick this one up again this month!
  • Do a successful 10-day transformation cleanse. I have been watching people get results on this cleanse and it's been stewing in my head for quite a while.  I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it.  I'll be starting it in the middle of the month since my grandpa's 85th birthday party is on the 14th and I'd like to enjoy it with my family!

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  1. Love your monthly goals. I need to do one of these so I can continue to motivate myself.

  2. Thanks Jasmine :) Yes - it's good to help keep you accountable though I totally flopped last month. At least I've admitted it and can move on, lol! Glad you stopped by!!

  3. Wow your June goals are awesome! I love food and I can't wait to see your food blog launched!

    I hope your cleanse works out well I too have seen people get results. Rooting for you to accomplish ALL your June goals! Sending you positivity and virtual hugs!

    You can do it! You will own this month :)

  4. Your photo makes me so hungry!! Also, what cleanse are you doing? I've seen a few online but don't know of anyone that has done it to know how the results actually are. Have a great June :)

  5. Sometimes we need to take some time out and just live life, like you've been doing. I've seen quite a few people set goals to just relax for a month, which I think is really cool. It sounds like you had a great month!

    Great goals for June! I'm so excited to see your food blog when you launch it. :) Good luck on the cleanse!

  6. Good luck with all of your goals :) I'm in the middle of redoing my photography portfolio site, so I know how time consuming all those decisions and behind the scenes work can be!

  7. It's good to take some time off and enjoy life! Every time I do that I come to my blog refreshed and motivated. You should share about your cleanse. I've been wanting to do one for the last couple of months but I'm nervous/lazy about it. :/

  8. Sometimes we set goals but life has other plans -- and sometimes those plans are just ENJOYING it. Also... the whole point of goals is to become happier, so if you had a happy May (and it sounds like it), then you were successful! I think as I get older, I think of goals as guidelines as opposed to obligations. Like hopefully they will guide me to more of what I desire, but if not, I reserve the right to change my plans and do what makes me happy. So yay for you! Also, looking forward to these new blogs you have coming up! :)

  9. Hey Ell! Thank you so much. And just like that almost half of the month is gone already. The cleanse starts next week. I'm so excited. I'll definitely be posting about that shortly. Thank you for the encouragement :)

  10. Hey Jess :) It's from one of the packages from Death to Stock photos ;). I'm doing a cleanse by Purium. I'll be posting about it shortly - and if you decide you want to try the one I'm doing I have a $50 gift card for you. It is a little pricey, but at the same time if you calculate how much money you spend on food it equals out - plus they have a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee so if you do the whole cleanse and you say you don't like it, they'll give you your money back anyway :). Well - I'll just give you the link now.. but I'll definitely be posting about the process and my progress on here :) http://www.mypurium.com/aukele and the gift card code for the $50 off is AUKELE

  11. Thanks Crystal for being a continued support :).

  12. Hi Christina - thank you. Ugh setting up sites is so tedious, but once it is done it feels OH SO GOOD!!! :)

  13. Hi Steph - thank you :), that is really really nice to hear!!! I will definitely be sharing about my cleanse. I'm starting next Tuesday - so I'm mentally and physically preparing myself for it. The cleanse I'm doing is from Purium. You can check it out and if you're interested you can get one too.... It is a little pricey, but not much more (maybe less) than how much you would spend on food for the duration of the cleanse anyway. Plus it has a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you don't like it - you can always get your money back after you've completed the cleanse. Anyway - you can check it out at http://www.mypurium.com/aukele and if you want to join me, if you use the code AUKELE you can get $50 off whatever pack you choose. I just chose the basic one.

  14. Thank you for that encouragement Erika. Sometimes you feel obligated to something even though there is a shift in your spirit - or other area of life, and we should just always choose to follow our hearts :)

  15. Ohh!!! That's great! Definitely I will check it out! thanks!


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