Weekly Wishes // 008

Monday, July 21, 2014

The start of a brand new week! Just what the doctor ordered.  I got hit with a BIG LESSON IN LIFE this weekend, and I'm so glad to start anew today.  One thing I am happy about with this lesson is that is SPARKED the fire in me to get back into creating the life that I ultimately want to live.  This week I have three goals and two wishes (that I am not subjecting myself to prioritize, but if they happen - kudos for me).

My Three Goals:
I've been wanting to launch a simple print shop for well over a year.  A few months ago I finally found my "niche" in creating the content for it - and so this week I want to focus on creating a few more pieces before I can go ahead and upload everything into an etsy shop and launch it.

Although variety is the spice of life, I think simply, easy (also known as repeated meals, possibly made in bulk) might be the way to go at this point in life.  Last week I got breakfast down, this week I'm working on lunch - for real this time.  When I did my Purium cleanse I had a very easy time not paying attention to the buffet line.  So now I know, its all a mind game - and this is one that I will conquer!

I've been talking about it forever, and I just want it to be a really, really well done post.  I absolutely love this brand and their products.  They most definitely work and have made its way into my every day routine.  I can't wait to share it with all of you and hopefully inspire you all to jump start your health today!!  PS: If you can't wait, and checked out the site, I have a $50 gift card for ALL OF YOU!  Just use the code: AUKELE to get $50 off the package you select.

My Two Wishes:
I always talk about working out, but it just never happens.  Here's to hoping I get out of this major major rut I've been in far too long.

Though they layout and everything else an average blogger would want in place before launching a new blog isn't ready - I can still create and draft posts while I'm waiting for those other pieces to come together.  I'll definitely be keeping this in mind this week when I'm in the kitchen.

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. We have some similar goals for the week! I'm hoping to be more specfic with my workouts and eating. I also agree with you that repeating meals does help in the healthy department. Good Luck with your week!!!

  2. Hi Sheryl! Thanks. Yes - until I find my rhythm with healthy eating where it is (you know) second nature, I can do it with my eyes closed --- meal prep in bulk is probably my key to success. Hope you have a fab week as well.

  3. Good luck with your goals this week! I've been focusing on preparing lunches and breakfast in advance. I used to eat out way too much, but now that I have a new job I don't have access to restaurants like I used to and I'm using that as a fresh start.

  4. Thanks Crystal! My downfall is that we have free lunch here on property. It is so easy to get suckered in by that darn buffet line :(.

  5. Oooh, will you be sharing more about the big lesson?

    And yay for your goals! Hope it's a fruitful week for you! :)

  6. Oh maybe... Its probably one that many people already know, but I just didn't want to see it.. I guess?! Once it is all resolved and I can give some advice, maybe I'll post it up!! Hahaha :)


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