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Thursday, August 21, 2014

You know what, I’m tired. Tired of trying to lose weight.  Tired of trying to have the perfect arms, flat stomach, best eyebrows (yah I messed them up and can never get them back to looking even), perfectly shaped legs. You get my drift right? 

Am I happy with my arms, HECK NO!!!  I have a definite fat flap on my left arm and the right one – its hit or miss.  My tummy sticks out all the time, I hate sitting down in pictures – or when I realize what I look like to everyone else that sees me sitting down.  Can you say DISGUSTING.  I have really broad shoulders and I look super, extra, gigantically wide when my boyfriend takes pictures of us with his arm extended far away (every girl’s selfie worst nightmare, TRUST ME!). #allthecloseups

But honestly – I’m at the point where I just don’t care anymore.  This is me. So it is what it is.  Not everyone is made to be a size 2, 6, 12, 18, 26.  And regardless of what that darned number is – its only one part of me.  Albeit, important when it affects your health and the rest of the consequences that follow along with it.  But it certainly doesn’t define my personality, character, “loveability”.  (You know I just created that word, because my spelling check has a red squiggly line under “loveability” right?).  #trademarkthatish

Moving on – I think I’ve been hung up on that for so long that it actually hinders my success.  Now – don’t quote me on that, this could just be one big excuse for not wanting to get off the couch.  For whatever reason, I just had the epiphany today that I need to stop caring about the weight.  I need to stop living in the past when I was in the 160s and looking amazing in my size 12s – because even where I’m at right now… someone thinks I look beautiful amidst all the flaws I’ve conjured up in my head – and I should really take that to heart and own it; instead of finding ways to negate it. And HELLO, PS: I did lose 30 pounds since last November.. HELLO HI!!!!!! 

So I’m just going to cut the crap and make a super conscious effort to own my body and love it relentlessly.  And if that love means feeding it whole and nutritious food then great, cause you know I do love me some green smoothies (check here, here and here)!  On the other hand, if that means having my FREE LUNCH AT WORK include: rice, a Korean burger, a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato basil bisque as I sit next to my co-worker/Dietician… then so (freaking) be it.  You know what I mean jelly bean?

Quite frankly, I have all the tools and resources to be healthy.  I’ve done LA Weightloss.  I’ve done Weight Watchers.  I’ve read up on South Beach, Whole 30 yada yada yada...  Not to mention, professionally – I’m a Certified Dietary Manager (ie: did schooling, sat for a national exam – as in I get to sign my professional name with abbreviations at the end).  I get paid to identify nutrition problems, complete nutritional screenings and assessments, provide diet education, analyze intake and weights, etc.

At the end of the day, the power is in my hands.  I am happy with just about every aspect of my life except for my appearance and weight – until today.  Today I say, screw you size 12 and 160s.  Maybe I’ll see you one day in the future, maybe I won’t.  Maybe one day I’ll zip right past you down to the 150s.  Who knows, but today?  Today I’m going to love me exactly the way I am.  Because the hate fueled dieting is not working out at all.  Hate fueled working out doesn’t work.  Why?  Because I’m so bent on the negative feelings that I can’t kick myself out of the slump to do anything productive.   Now it sounds like a little bit of anger, is this the twelve step process??  No, but really – maybe a little anger is good.  Being angry that I hated for so long and wasted that time instead of loving myself like I should have been all along.

So I’m trying a different approach and that is just simply to love myself and the body that I have.  I am going to work on accepting my curves, my flaws.  Learning how to own them and rock them.   And maybe, just maybe then – I’ll start to see those small lifestyle changes that will add up in a big way with my health and physical appearance.  

SO here’s to loving yourself and your life, living the best life for you and EMBRACING THE BASS!!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Good for you!! This is exactly how more people need to think! Eating healthier so you feel better, but still indulging in foods you love; that's how it should be!

  2. You are speaking my language! I've been conciously making an effort to get healthier over the past four weeks. The driving factor is that we've got a beach holiday coming up in another four weeks, and my best friend is fit as hell! It used to really bother me and I stressed over how our holiday snaps would look, and how standing next to her would make me look like a whale. But now, I'm just embracing that this is me... for now. It won't be forever and its a lifestyle choice.
    Sure, I can't wear the same things that she does or get away with a tiny string bikini but you know what? I've got E-cup boobs and she doesn't! You always want what you don't have when you should be lovin' on your bad-ass self.

  3. You go girl! This post was so wonderful to read. It's so easy to think about the body you want and hate on the body you have. Everyone is beautiful regardless of the number on the scale or jeans. A person's efforts to live a healthy life goes beyond the food they put in their body and the time they put in at a gym, the love and acceptance you feel for how you look this very second is just as important. Many internet high fives to you for having such an amazing perspective and love for yourself. Also, that song is fabulous.

    Thank you for linking up for Social Saturday last week, I hope you link up again!

  4. Love it Jess!! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I am the exact same way, I have a bunch of friends that "look better" than I do.... But I have to love me for me, because if I don't, who will?! Keep on truckin girl!

  5. Hi Katie - I'm glad you enjoyed the post, sorry I got back to you so late.


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