My MAC Makeup Starter Kit

Sunday, August 31, 2014

For some odd reason, a bunch of us lifestyle bloggers have been divvying up beauty posts at the same time – and so here is mine!  Last week I had seen a fun pin on pinterest where someone shared their MAC makeup starter kit, and BOOM! Here is mine.  But first… #letmetakeaselfie

No, but really – interesting story.  So there was this one time where I was a lost girl in her young twenties trying to figure out how to get my name on the interwebs.  I started a blog where I talked about my dad’s cancer and our journey with it, but that was quite depressing.  Then I started one that I think was called glamortude and I don’t even know where that one was going.  All I do remember (or am willing to admit) is that I had a heavy, heavy addition to watching make-up tutorials on Youtube.  I wanted to be a makeup guru and even posted quite a few videos (that have been since taken down).  SIDENOTE: That ish is hard!  You can’t filter videos like you do pictures.   Anyway – moving on, so while I had that obsession I spent an absurd amount of money on makeup and now have enough eye shadow for the next ten years.  How is it that I still have two original eyeshadows (out of three) from my first purchase twelve years ago bewilders me.

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite MAC products with you in case you’d like some suggestions on some tried and true favorites.

What would you include in your MAC starter kit?  Do you have an HG items?

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  1. Ooh, I love this! I'm actually a big fan of their Matchmaster Foundation and their Pro Longwear Concealer is a must. For eyeshadow, definitely Wedge and All That Glitters, which is one of my go-to "natural" looks over painterly paint pot. And Viva Glam V lipstick is definitely a MLBB color.

  2. Wait what? I haven't heard of the matchmaster foundation. I'm so not a pro with concealer. I do love wedge and all that glitters - have both of those in my collection as well, though I don't think I've used them together - that I can remember. Is wedge or all that glitters on the bottom?? I do brule all over, bamboo in the crease and blended up, then brown down in the outer v.


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