WHIPPIN KITCHEN: Corned Beef & Onions

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey guess what!?

I posted my first official recipe post on my new food blog, Whippin Kitchen, over the weekend.  I thought, what better way to start than to feature a local favorite and a simple dish that I grew up on as a kid, Corned Beef & Onions.  Its super quick and dinner will be ready before you know it!

I'm so excited that this is finally becoming a reality and I hope you all follow along with my foodie obsession there.  Once the blog is fully up and running like a well oiled cast iron skillet - we'll not only be talking recipes, but food trends, gadgets and everything in between.  I'm so excited.  Coming up are one of my favorite snacks and favorite desserts... If you follow my instagram you'll already be in the know (I can't keep anything a true secret).  So go on and check it out!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. YUM! I can't wait to make this for myself and G :) it looks delish!

  2. Thanks love!! Have you cooked with canned corned beef before? I'm not to sure of the popularity or "class" (like SPAM - it's "poor" man's food, but we LOVE it here and it's even served at McDonald's for breakfast) of it on the mainland - but its very common in Polynesian cultures.


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