5 Reasons I'm Still Fat

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hey there!  Welcome to the land of 91 Dash.  Today is Friday and I'm participating in a few of my favorite link ups..  Lately I've been on this kick of truly attempting to accept who I am and all that I am - physically.  So what better way than to dabble in a little humor and give you five reasons why I'm still fat.

So the low-down... I'm a short girl with a whole lotta chunk!  According to medicine (my BMI) - let's just say I'm very obese - hence the "still fat".  Please don't interpret it as a desperate call for encouragement or anything like that, because I have an amazing hunny who tells me just how beautiful I am every day.

1) I love chocolate.  I mean who doesn't?  Sometimes I can go a couple days without, and other days it seems like it's all I eat.  I do keep a bag of chocolates in my desk because you never know when that craving will kick in - or when you'll start PMS'ing.  Currently I have a bag of Dove Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate - and they are amazing!

2) I'm a good cook.  No seriously - ask anyone I know.  Heck - I even have a dedicated (say what, you finally accomplished your goal from forever?) food blog now!  So I'm official, right? You know what they say... "Never trust a skinny cook".

3) Free lunch.  Yep.  Five days a week I get free lunch at work.  It is a self serve buffet and dangit sometimes I just can't help myself.  Though I try.  And actually, next week - my lunch buddy and I are eating clean together so - this reason lasts up until today and may start up again in two weeks.  We'll see??

4) I'm in a workout rut.  I go through phases in life where I am gung-ho about working out, and then times where I really could give a toot and have better things to do.  And this entire year - I've had better things to do... When I get home from work, I usually take a little time to unwind, then its in the kitchen, prepping dinner for the boyfriend and sometimes family if they want to eat, then shower, then eat dinner and spend quality time with - oh you know who!

5) Love. We'll leave it at that.

There you have it.  Five reasons why I'm still fat, and still enjoying every moment of it. 

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xoxo, Aukele
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  1. I can SO relate to this post! I'm a big fan of chocolate, I just said the other day "I cook too well. That's my problem," and I've always said that break ups are the best diets! I can't begin to tell you how my weight rollercoastered being with my husband! But all that matters is being comfortable in your skin. :)

  2. Break ups are totally the best diets.... Girl we are one in the same. Yes - I am learning to be comfortable in my skin, yet finding that balance in striving to take care of my body and be healthy. It's that medium I'm still trying to find.

  3. It's definitely a hard thing to figure out. Some days are good, some days are terrible. Good luck!


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