My Breakfast Routine

Friday, September 26, 2014

If you've been a long time reader of mine you'll know that I always tell myself that routine is route to success in weight loss for me.  As in - I need not have to think about what's for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Because the mind wanders.  And it usually wanders to Starbucks Chocolate Croissants or some other delicious, yummy, full of fat breakfast.

I like granola but can be quite picky when I buy it since I know I have specific tastebuds and it has to be just right.  So you can imagine the horror I go through standing in front of the granola display at Target trying to decide which one to try and hopefully like.  Most times I just walk away without anything. Sad story.

So last week, as I was getting my hair done - my cousin made us a bowl of greek yogurt with strawberry protein powder and Anahola Granola.  I've seen it previously in the stores, and was tempted to buy it once at Costco because after staring down and eyeing out all the granolas at Target - this one just looked like it had the right texture (not too clumpy) and ingredients that I liked without crazy artificial or "natural" flavors, etc.  You get the picture.  And I was RIGHT ON THE MONEY.. See.. I know me! HAHA.  This granola is everything you could hope for in a homemade granola, yet you can buy it at the store.  It is locally produced so you know it isn't sitting on a cargo ship for weeks and weeks making its way from the continental US.  (Don't worry, you can get it shipped to you via air). 

I knew the greek yogurt and Anahola Granola combination was my winning ticket to success in life!  Or breakfast at least.  Last weekend I took myself to Sam's Club and got a big tub of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt and a quart of Raspberries (they were the cheapest berries at the time) - and boom breakfast was done!  (My cousin gave me a bag of the granola from Costco so I was already set with that).

Dude - I love playing with the Party Party app!  I shouldn't have filtered it, but que sera sera!

Do you have a morning breakfast routine? 

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. This looks delicious! It is so hard to choose granola sometimes. I stood in Target for a long time once looking at all the options, and finally just pulled them all down and chose the brand that has less sugar. :)

  2. OH it so is!! I'm craving it right now. Was running late today, and forgot to pull it out of the fridge :(. How do you use your granola?? I know some people just eat it with milk - never tried that.


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