Seasoned Almonds

Thursday, September 11, 2014

 Are you a snacker?  Typically I snack more at work than I do at home.  I don't know why?? Most people are the opposite way around, but que sera sera - right?  Anyway. I love me some snacks, especially when they are home made.
Nuts are a great source of "good for you" fats and protein, but sometimes can be a little bland!  Enter my seasoned almonds recipe and you definitely have a winner.  I love them because they aren't too salty, but they have great flavor - something that the mass produced almonds definitely lack (too much salt, flavor overload).
And now by looking at all my (three) pictures, you know you want to whip up a batch of these babies and store them for your snacking pleasures!!!  PS:  I keep these on hand at all times, because not only are they good for snacking.  They are great additions to salads, side dishes and whatever else your heart fancies - even, dare I say a homemade chocolate bark ;)!  Get the recipe here on my new food blog Whippin Kitchen!

xoxo, Aukele
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