6 Handlettering Resources

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lately I've been on a handlettering craze.  I love to doodle quotes and names when I'm on a break (or maybe in a boring meeting) - NOT! I promise.  No - but I love it.  I wish I would dedicate more time to learning this craft - one day!  Thank God Skillshare doesn't have a time limit on classes, right?! Today I'm sharing six different handlettering resources to get you started!

1. 6 Awesome Handlettering Tools - Clementine Creative
2. Fake Great Handwriting - Breezy Cheetah Pop
4. Handlettering Tutorial by Sean McCabe -Handlettering Tutorial
6. Handlettering for Beginners - Self-Made Society

And for more inspiration, check out my HANDLETTERING BOARD on Pinterest.

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  1. My handwriting looks like a doctor's which makes reading notes that I take a challenge. I used to hate having to write out the daily menu when I worked at a small local organic grocery deli. It was literally so nerve wracking! I could feel the judgement from customers as I tried to make Pumpkin Lentil Soup legible enough for them, but still whimsical. No one ever KNEW what was for sale in the deli when it was my turn to write the menu. HA! If I had hit up this courses I might have had a fighting chance.

  2. Are you right handed or left handed?? Lefty here!


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