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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You know - because sometimes we're just too busy living life to actually write something worth saying on here.  So we load up a collection of links we love and would like to share and then bomb you with it when we have nothing else better to do!

Happy Tuesday ;)!  Enjoy.

++ The guide I'm trying to follow for an optimal breakfast.
++ Doggy treats for my Kaimana.
++ Make sharing your content easier with this tutorial on twitter cards.
++ YUM! Easy cheesy breakfast casserole!  Count me in.  Maybe I should try it this weekend??
++ Since we're on the topic of breakfast... seriously?  Just click the link!
++ Some advice via Lena Dunham.
++ Men can be quite insightful at times!  Take notes ladies.
++ A thought provoking collection of poems.
++ Love this tutorial on photographing floating food.  Some skills I definitely need to work on.
++ How many of these are you guilty of?  Me?  14!  Yikes.
++ Cause we all need a sure fire way to getting that perfectly cooked bacon.
++ Just YUM!

xoxo, Aukele
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