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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's been a minute!  A super hot minute since I've done a "Currently Loving" post!  Thanks to Crystal turning her Currently Loving posts into a link-up, I'm forcibly back. Haha - but here is just a little collection of things I'm loving!!  And once you're done checking out what I'm loving, you should create your own list and link up with Crystal!

One thing I can't stand is buying products when you can't test them out *cough* drugstore products.  So I love love love finding blog posts like these from A Beautiful Mess that I can get some insights from and see if I think something would work for me!  At least it isn't a huge risk in losing money, but still!

This site is full of laughs, and is fun to catch up on during a quick work break.  There are notes for every type of situation.  I thought it was funny that I found some notes that related to my professional life.  It was nice to get a little chuckle amidst the madness at work on a Friday afternoon.

A few weeks ago I was on a Scandal binge on Netflix and I don't know what the heck I was doing waiting so long to jump on the bandwagon. Hello, here I am!  The binge watching of three seasons was a little overwhelming.  Sadly, to the point where at times I forgot that Obama was actually our president.  Sad times I tell you!  Anyway - if you're oblivious to this series.  GET ON IT NOW!  AND CRYSTAL ----- this is considered favorite interwebs stuffs... because you can't access Netflix without the internet ;)!

Chips and Salsa
Lately I've been on a MAJOR chips and salsa trip.  Like my mouth salivates at work and I can't wait to get home to get crack-a-lackin on some chips!  We have this Mexican restaurant called El Mariachi and OH-EM-GEE .... their salsa!!! BOOOMMBBBB!! And now I want some.  Mmmm... That's a good idea since they are right down the road from me.  Salsa, chips and their guacamole.  Ok enough already!

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xoxo, Aukele
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  1. The passive aggressive notes are GOLD. GOLD. I need to paper my grad student office with them...but then I would just tell everyone it was me and that would ruin it. Chips and salsa are always on point. I found a new brand I'm in love with called Xochitl. If you see it, eat it. EAT IT. And thanks for linking up, doll!!

  2. I marathoned the first few seasons of Scandal earlier this year. It's kind of sad how quickly I went through it. I basically didn't sleep or do anything else when I was not at work. I love that show!

  3. Yes! I could probably live on chips and salsa. At the moment, I just want salsa verde, though my boyfriend always gets this delicious (but crazy spice.. at least for me!) mango habanero salsa. It's such a good combination. And I need to watch Scandal.

  4. MMM.... Love salsa verde too!!! At work we had taco bar and cheese quesadillas.. Consider the craving satisfied. OH I'm a pansy when it comes to heat. MILD all the way!!

  5. Yes it is so good! I hate that Thursday is the winter finale.. I hate winter finales in general!

  6. Aren't they though!!! I could get lost in them, especially cause they tag similar notes at the bottom of some of the posts! I'll be on the look out for it.. If anything it'll probably show up in one of the newer Safeways we have before any other grocery store, since most are local to either the state only or island.

  7. I haven't watched Scandal. I'm really bad about committing to television series and never following through. But, I've heard great things about it.

    Chips and salsa...don't get me started. I'm from Texas living in Australia. I miss good salsa. The grocery stores sell Old El Paso and Dorito's salsas. Not the best. I can find some good ones at boutique places but then they cost $10 a jar. I've learned to make fantabulous guacamole. Maybe salsa is my next recipe to attack!

  8. OH yes girl, I think you need to start whippin up your own salsa!

  9. Oh my gosh, I love Scandal! But I'm behind right now! But it's definitely one of my faves for sure! I love that it's on Netflix -- that's how I got into it and it was super addicting!


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