Help Me Choose a Holiday Card!

Friday, November 14, 2014

As each day passes I get more and more excited that Christmastime is near!  Like literally, I’m about to start the Christmas Pandora station in 3…2…1.

Anyway, as I prepare to get those lovely DIY Christmas gifts underway, I should also get my holiday cards squared off too!  And it seems like every year that passes, it gets harder to decide on a card design, let alone a card company to go through.  Each of them have amazing designs that can fit anyone’s style.  Choices, choices – right?  So not only do you have to pick a card company to stick to so you don’t spend days looking at cards; and not only do you have to pick out a design out of the thousands that are available; you also have to pick out a layout now!  Do we want a traditional card, or just a flat piece?  Picture or no picture?  Cut out or not?  Foil?  I mean the choices are literally endless.

Last week I got caught up on Minted and knew I had to use them to do my holiday cards this year! It’s just that I still can’t decide on what I want.  So I was hoping my lovely readers could help me narrow it down a bit.  I know I want a flat card opposed to a folded one.  I just can't decide, water color or foil?  Ornament card?  Bah Hum Bug!  HELP HELP HELP!!!

Christmas Photo Cards

 Let's Be Jolly  |  Merry & Bright  |  Oh What Fun  |  Love & Joy

Christmas Photo Foil Cards

Christmas Love  |  Merry Christmas  |  Cheers  |  Happy Holidays

Christmas Photo Ornaments 

 Sending Cheer  |  Red Wreath  |  Be Merry  |  Joy

Here are some other options that I also liked!  You see my indecisiveness?!
Christmas Cheer  |  All Aglow  |  Be Merry  |  Aglow  |  Chalk & Holly  |  Bold Sparkle 

Before you go, check out the entire Minted's Christmas Cards collection, and let me know what your favorites are!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. I like the Oh What Fun card photo and the Merry Christmas foil one.

  2. I would go with the "Love & Joy" or the gold foiled "Merry Christmas". Definitely can't blame you for not being able to decide, they're all gorgeous!

  3. So hard to decide!!! Thanks for your picks :)

  4. Joy has to be the cutests - though they are all lovely

  5. I like the foil card for "Cheers." But yeah, it's a tough decision. They are so beautiful! :)

  6. I actually really like the merry and bright and let's be jolly (becaus ethe whole family is on it) cards. they are all really cute and gorgeous though. No wonder you are undecided. Do them all :P (I know it's a bit late) xx dandy I


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