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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oreo and Chocolate Chip Cookie Butters?  I mean, need I say more!?
via A Beautiful Mess
This pallete!  I'm a die hard neutrals fan!
via Temptalia
This quote... Because I went through a bit of a storm a couple of weeks ago, but MORNING! It comes!  You just got to wait for it.  And life couldn't be any better.

My favorite cake is Dobash!  However, this one looks really damn good!  Usually I'm a frosting girl to the fullest, but this cake looks so decadent and chocolatey I need it right now :)
via Flourishing Foodie
Wait for it!
via Buzzfeed
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  1. Loving everything about this! Especially that print :)

  2. i want to swatch that palette. i have the first one and LOVE it

  3. Gah! I know... I want it so bad... but really don't need it!! Wish list :)

  4. I was staring at the tetris gif like...OMG, THIS IS GOING TO BE SO SATISFYING...and then I was destroyed. Too funny! Thanks for linking up, doll!


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