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Monday, December 22, 2014

And then I had promised you all a whole bunch of Christmas posts this season and where in the heck did the time go?  Slipped right from under me into who knows what.  That’s where it went.

This month has been so busy and I’ve been so tired, I’m literally ready to knock out at one-thirty in the afternoon – but you know there is this thing called work, and that long drive home in traffic, and then making dinner and yada-yada.  I wish I could say I’d be able to sleep in on Christmas, but there is no rest for the weary.  I think that’s the line anyway.

I’m in a rush to push out 4 scarves before Christmas.  Doubt it’ll happen though.  A bunch of my family is taking a trip to Disneyland and so I wanted to send them all with scarves – but then that exhaustion just takes over all-day Saturday and that time thing, right?

We went to the beach yesterday, which was nice since today is cloudy and rainy.  The water was FREEZING!!!  Literally we were in there for two minutes and out.  Good thing the sun was out and we warmed up rather quickly.  

2015 can’t get here any sooner.  I’m literally waiting for it to be the New Year already.  One of my friends is moving back home, so I’m excited about that.  And then the middle of January is just going to be one big celebration and a big reveal coming, which I’m literally on the edge of my seat waiting to tell all of you!  

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Have a fabulous week.

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