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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This blog has always been a reflection of my life.  I’ve loved sharing fun stories with you over the past year and a half and the experiences I’ve gone through.  There are some really exciting things that will be happening in 2015 that I would love to share with you all – but sometimes life calls for a bit of privacy, especially to protect the ones you love most and that mean the most to you.  So purposefully – for a while, this blog will be a bit vague.  And while I hate it and really want to gush a thousand details to you all, just know that one day I’ll be a free bird again!

To the friends that I’ve made blogging that are reading this – please feel free to email me anytime and we can definitely catch up on life and chit-chat.  Because you know.. I’m a girl.  And we love sharing in the details.

This is by no means sayonara.  It’s just more of a cutting back on having to share the details of my personal life for a little while for all the world to see.

With that said, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope you all have a wonderful season.  It’s already been incredible for me.

And on an up note. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!!  You need to go and listen to it pronto!

And.. here is the official video...

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