Thursday, February 26, 2015

I imagined this post so much more eloquent then what it is about to be.  Maybe I’ve waited too long, but alas – WE’RE EXPECTING A LITTLE ONE IN JULY!

We are already over the moon, in love with this little one and we can’t wait till baby arrives.  Granted we have a laundry load list of to-do’s before – but we’re so so so excited.

I’ve been holding off sharing the news because I have had some trouble in the past with being pregnant, and we wanted to get through that dreaded first trimester and wait for our anatomy/gender scan to be done just to make sure that everything is everything – AND IT IS!

We’re completely slacking on gender reveal photos, but you know – baby steps, literally.
I don’t know if I want to share the story on how we found out, but I’ll definitely be sharing some first trimester stories and documenting this pregnancy from here on out.  Maybe monthly.  If my readers drastically change and I have a bunch of mommas that are itching to hear, maybe I’ll share more.

With this comes a ton of changes in the things I’ll be blogging about – and now, more than ever do I need to finish up with the name change I’ve wanted to do for, oh an entire year by now. 
  • If you were with me when I had my InstantMommie blog – then some of that will come back into play, since I love doing cute DIYs with children and just being a mother figure, only now it’ll be my own flesh and blood! 
  • I will be going all “mompreneur” on you all very shortly!!  It’s been in the works for a while, and I’m  very close to sharing all the details with you all.  I really want to get rid of the debts I’ve accumulated over my twenties (car loan, student loans – yes plural, paying off my last credit card, and some ridiculous things I was left with from my past relationship).  Now, more than ever, do I need to tackle that.  So I’m going to #girlboss my way out of debt, ASAP!
And that’s that! I’m having a baby!!  19 weeks down, 21 more to go.

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Toodles January!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hey old friends, how are you all doing?  I hope the new year has treated you well.  It has definitely been my best January yet!  So I took somewhat of a blogging break.  Unexpectedly.  That happens every now and then.  This time – I just really didn’t know what to say.  There is one huge white elephant in the room that has yet to make its debut, and I had really hoped to share that with you all around the middle of the month, but now I’ll be holding my breath until the middle-end of February.  Patience is a virtue, and that’s not even the half of it!

So I decided to just address that because it’s what has been keeping me from coming here (at least) weekly, and that really needs to change because big things are happening and this blog plays an important role in all of that.

QUICK UPDATE: Life has been swell.  My R has been just over the moon amazing this past month.  Earlier this month after a very trying day for me, I had posted on facebook that it feels so good to just have a man that takes care of you exactly the way you need to be taken care of.  I’m not talking money or really anything material (not my style), but small details in our everyday life that just melt my heart.  If you knew me, you’d know that I am a VERY independent woman and I don’t like to ask for help with A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  But sometimes, you just need to let your man take the wheel – and this is something that I’m learning more and more with him, especially now!  He is exactly what I need; he knows my love languages and can “speak” it fluently.  He always says he is a lucky man, but trust that I am just as lucky.  Work has been crazy, busy.  My assistant is now part-time as she has taken advantage of another opportunity and possibly an entirely different career path.  I am happy for her that she is spreading her wings and figuring out what makes her tick! I also got my first order for wedding favor seasoning salts.  Oh wait, you still sell salts? Yeah, I do.  Mostly they are sold locally, but you can get your very own pack through my etsy shop.  A couple from my church is getting married, and they asked if I would supply the goods!  That was really exciting and it has given me that entrepreneurial boost I’ve been lacking all of 2014.

So whats in store for 91 Dash in 2015.  A definite name change.  New topics besides just my life.  New business ventures.  It'll probably be here before I actually get around to figuring out how to re-direct 91 Dash to the new URL and all the jibberish that goes along with that.

Stick around why don't you!
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