Confessions of a Momma-To-Be

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#1 - I need to declutter my home.

#2 - I need to get my car detailed.

#3 - I need to work on my registry, majorly!

#4 - I'm scared I'll have a hard time losing my pregnancy weight.

#5 - I'm too lucky to have R by my side through this whole process.  He is a supportive, generous and loving man.

#6 - Listening to Lil Malasada's heart beat never gets old.

#7 - I'm anxious for Lil M's dad to feel movements as I'm now feeling them every day.

#8 - I'm at that awkward place where if you know I'm pregnant, you can see the lil bump - but if you don't know, I look extra fluffy. (Guess I need to remember to embrace the bass).

#9 - I'm not looking forward to paying for childcare once my maternity leave is up.

#10 - I have a lot to do in 18 weeks.

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