Happy Hinamatsuri

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today is Girl's Day!  Also known as Hinamatsuri.  In Hawaii we love to adopt other cultural days, and so it goes without saying that we celebrate this Japanese day as well.  

One of my coworkers passed out these cute arare (rice cracker) packs to all the ladies today (shown in the photo up above).  How thoughtful right?

It got me thinking that I've found myself around a lot of catty-ness lately, a lot of hating - or should we say, jealousy - and it's time celebrate who we are.  

We are brave, courageous women with nothing to hold us back - but ourselves. We are powerful and strong letting each obstacle and lesson in life be the next step in become a better version of ourselves.

Happy Hinamatsuri!  I hope you share some love with the women in your life!

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