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Monday, March 23, 2015

We're having a girl!  And we couldn't be more ecstatic.  We're really just happy the baby is healthy.

So the night before our anatomy scan (17 weeks 5 days), I had a dream that we were having a girl. It was an unusual dream like all of my dreams usually are - ie: My mom and R were in the ultrasound room and found out we were having a girl but I wasn't there.  They told me afterwards that we were having a girl, yet somehow I wasn't there.  I know - it's weird, but whatever.  Anyhow that's kind of funny because that was first dream I had where I "knew" the sex of the baby.  In other related news, sometime this past week I dreamed she was a boy - so I guess we'll double check on that at my next ultrasound appointment!


Ok so we did do them last weekend and I shared it on my Facebook and Instagram - so if you follow me there you can see it, but when I went to upload it on here - it just wasn't "blogworthy". I know kill me now.  That was a really vain statement.  But for real guys!  First of all - we had no one to take pictures so I propped my phone in a bush in my front yard and then just recorded the whole thing.  And then as I went through the video I screenshotted (cause that's a word in today's day and age) the shots that looked decent and created a quick collage.

So that's that.  Haha.  If you really want to see what dorks we are you can click over to the 'ol Instagram, but other than that - this is what you get! Bring on the ruffles and lace!

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  1. Congratulations!! That is so sweet and neat how you dreamt about it first before it actually happening. I hope to have a girl one day so I can dress her up all cute :)

  2. Thank you!!! I had a feeling it was girl. And I'm so excited about dressing up you don't even know. My etsy profile is a testament to that for sure. Headbands and cute rompers galore.


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