The First Trimester || Weeks 1-13

Friday, March 6, 2015

Do you know they start counting your pregnancy when you’re not even technically pregnant (the better part of weeks 1 and 2).  So for those who are new to this whole idea of motherhood and pregnancy, your pregnancy lasts 40 weeks and can be counted as 10 months (4 weeks to a month).  Some people still do it by 9 months and add an extra week to certain months, but that’s just beyond me, and the 4 week month seems much more simpler.

Around Week 5 I started to experience my first symptoms of pregnancy – nausea, fatigue and some whacked out emotions that literally hit me from left field.  Come to find out via a fainting episode, insane back pain and almost another fainting episode within an hour which led me to an ER room – I was 5 ½ weeks pregnant.
Usually most people get excited, but for me – I really didn’t know how to feel.  For one, my first pregnancy I miscarried and had a “blighted ovum”.  My second pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy – luckily I just waited in an ER for half a day for two shots of methotrexate that two oncology nurses had to administer. That, coupled with the fact that I was going through the process with my OB to determine if I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) – I just wasn’t in the mindset that I would be able to have children.  God has a funny way of showing up, doesn’t He?

Once all of that was more settled in my heart, and reality hit me a bit more – then came the constant worry and stress of miscarriage.  I bled 3-4 times during my first trimester and each time I held my breath hoping that I wasn’t about to experience my greatest fear, another miscarriage.  Some bleeds were quick, some lasted a few days.  Some were more “red” than others.  One bleed was “brown” blood, which usually is always in the clear, cause it is “just old blood”.

You know, no matter how many stories you read of people experiencing bleeding during pregnancy, the severity of the bleed and the outcomes – it doesn’t really matter because each pregnancy is different and each person is different. 

Just when you think, oh know it happens all the time, this is normal – boom the unexpected happens.  The first time I bled it was torture waiting an entire week to get an ultrasound.  It was so early, they wouldn’t be able to tell if I was headed toward miscarriage or not, so only time would tell.  The second and third time I got ultrasounds.  I was such a nut that I even went to an elective ultrasound place just to make sure that everything was everything.  SEND ME TO THE PSYCH WARD!!!  Thankfully I chilled out a bit, and the last time that I bled, I just reported it to the doctor and moved on about my day.

I purchased a Sonoline B Fetal Doppler off of eBay and that has been my best purchase so far.  When I first started using it around 10-11 Weeks (can’t remember), baby was super low in my pelvis, and sometimes it was hard to find it.  At times I just quit looking cause I couldn’t find it.  But now – baby is always on my left a little bit below my belly button.  Sometimes it’s hard to get h (see I almost let baby’s pronoun out) – sometimes it’s hard to get the baby to stay in one place for 15 seconds so I can get the heartbeat.  

The transition period between the first and second trimester was hard because symptoms are starting to decrease, and you wonder why aren’t your breasts tender any more or where did the nausea go??? And then you go a little crazy with that darned Doppler using like three times a week, just to make sure everything is okay – and then you get over it!  Because once that second trimester gets rolling – an onslaught of a whole bunch of new symptoms start to show their face and that Doppler is now used just for fun or to let daddy hear the baby.

With that - I thought I'd do a look back summary of what I experienced that first trimester!
Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds

Gender: Unknown

Sleep: Intermittent - I would wake up 1-2 times to use the bathroom pretty much every night.

Craving: Cravings are really random.  We were on a Whopper Jr. kick for a while after work, and then I'd want random things like KRAFT mac n cheese, crackers with grapes and cheese and nesquick chocolate milk to name a few!
Symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, bleeding, sore and tender breasts and headaches.  No vomiting when I had the morning sickness, but sometimes I wish I had just so I could be over it, but no - just a lingering nausea.  Sometimes it occurred without eating anything - other times it'd happen after I ate something or force-fed myself because I felt bad not finishing my breakfast that R bought me.  Definitely learned to listen to my body and stop eating when it had had enough.

Looking Forward To: "Being in the clear" and being done with the first trimester.  Although you're never really in the clear because something can happen at any point in pregnancy - it is just that as time goes on, the chances become smaller.

Best Moments: One of the best moments was on a day that the nausea was in high gear.  I'm not one to ask for help, and I think R has started to realize that.  So that day - he just took charge and made me pull over on the side of the road so that he could drive me home and I could rest.  He had his hand on my tummy the rest of the way.  Sometimes he rubbed it, then patted in and then was just there.  I just felt really loved and cared for and nothing really beats that!

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  1. Aww congratulations girlie! Wow you have been through so much. I will keep you in my prayers and everything will work out. I believe that :)

  2. Thanks Bella!!! Baby has been healthy and growing - so I'm believing we'll be meeting this lil malasada in July!!

  3. congrats!! it's so exciting hearing about babies!! look forward to your updates on your pregnancy!

  4. Aw thank you! :) I'm trying to get out two posts today.. a 2nd Tri and then Week 20, since I'm 21 tomorrow!!! Hope you're doing well. I know you are missing your dad. I hope you were able to read that poem I left in your comments!


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