Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

+Having headaches while you’re pregnant are NOT FUN.  I’m not a big medicine taker, but the fact that I really shouldn’t if I can hold off – is just salt to the wound.  Usually I think it’s because I haven’t had enough plain water, but even that isn’t helping me today.

+I’m so glad BONES is back on TV.  I was able to watch it yesterday on DVR while R took an afternoon snooze.  By the way… that was an oober long break, but hopefully that means it’ll continue to run once all my regular shows are on summer break.  PS:  I totally forgot Sweets died and it sucked that they brought it up – but I’m sure they were thinking we’d all forgotten that important detail anyway.

+These brownies though….

+I have a love/hate relationship with my maternity pants.  Pants with buttons and buckles are so not the business for our lil Chalupie girl, but at the same point spandex on the belly is tiring after the long weekdays that we have.  I think what bothers me the most is that the pant size bigger fits like a dream on my belly but are way too wide and frumpy on my legs.  The size I’m wearing is perfect, but lil Lups isn’t digging it after about 4 hours.

+It’s been 20 years since the beautiful Selena has left this crazy world.

+I have a three day work week this week!  I usually plan these things, but this one just kind of ended up that way for me.  Woo hoo! #vacayMonday #goodFriday

+Yesterday I had a burrito for lunch and it was AMAZEBALLS, I’m drooling thinking about it right now.  It reminded me of the big fat burritos I used to get when I lived in Portland.  My burrito had Spanish rice, black beans, chili verde, sour cream, cheese and cilantro.  AND… I ate that thing like a champ!! No spills.  It’s all about the technique!

+There is no doubt I feel my lil girl moving around every day, but whenever I’m lying down I put my hands on my stomach to see if I can feel her from the outside.  I thought I was this weekend and had R put his hands on my belly, but he can’t feel it yet L.  Boo nation.  Soon though, I hope!
+Lastly I’m glad that MerDer is still MerDer.  I mean, we don’t like depressed Meredith.

That's all she wrote! What's been going on with you?

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  1. Yes to Bones and Grey's! I am still bummed that Sweets is gone though. And that is so exciting that you get to feel her every day :)

  2. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your story on my post. my heart goes out to you. it's glad to know i'm not alone. i agree--being busy really helps. it's when i'm alone that it hits me. anyway, i think you're amazing for sharing that with me.

  3. Do you watch Scandal too??? Shonda is genius!

  4. Hi Elle!! Each story is different but its nice to know what others go through, how they cope and the nine. Things would happen in my every day and I would automatically think - oh, can't wait to tell dad; and would get sad realizing he was gone. So I wrote to him in a notebook. It was a release and definitely helped. I haven't written in it in years, but I still have it and keep it. Hope each day gets a little better and a tad bit brighter!


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