Week 20 Bumpdate

Thursday, March 12, 2015

More like a frumpdate!! Haha... People that know I'm pregnant can see tell, but if they don't know I'm pretty sure I just look frumpy and they want to tell me to put down the cookie!! OH WELL :)  On that note, this is the last of the baby over load posts!! I really just wanted to get caught up on the updates since I waited so long to share :).

I'll be sharing things other than JUST baby from here on out!  So let's get on with it, shall we?

Size of the Baby: Mango (6.5", 10 oz)

Total Weight Gain: 12 pounds

Gender: Found out on 2/17 at 17weeks, 5 days

Nickname: Lil Malasada (It took me forever to come up with baby’s own unique nickname to use since I can’t call baby by name yet (on social media), and so since R likes to “laugh with me” about how “Podagee” I act even though he has more Portuguese blood than I do, I thought lil malasada would be fitting since we always talk about certain traits we hope (or don’t hope) baby gets from us!

Sleep: Needing a pillow to support my frumpy tummy.  I still don’t see the bump even though some co-workers say they can tell.  Been tossing and turning this week and starting to get a little uncomfortable.

Craving: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting!  Actually, it’s been a few weeks, but I finally made it and have been ENJOYING it – and might be sharing with R.  Maybe…

Missing: Raw Ahi.  Really… I need to go to an AA meeting for raw fish withdrawals.

Symptoms: Experiencing some headaches, bloody nasal fluids (lol), back pain and I think I have a pinched nerve or something in my lower right back because whenever I get up from sleeping or sitting at my desk at work too long it takes a while before I can straighten out... I don't know!

Looking Forward To: Doing our gender reveal photos.

Best Moments: Feeling my lil malasada every now and again, though I won't fully admit it until others can feel the baby too!

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