Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So quick story before I get to the update.  I'm a picture-holic.  LOVE taking pictures of my every day life.  I mean, what blogger doesn't right?  So yesterday after breakfast I stole a couple pictures of R and I and after he was done making funny faces he grabbed my phone and snapped a couple of real pictures and then got this belly shot.  It was adorable and of course made my heart skip a beat.  Whose wouldn't?  But then he tells me, oh she wanted to take a picture too.  And if that didn't make my day, I don't know what would!  So there we are, all three of us.  First family photo? Haha!

Size of the Baby: Spaghetti Squash - really WTE? (8 inches, 1 pound)

Total Weight Gain: 11 pounds (down a pound).  It seems that I go through these gains and then plateau for a bit and then gain again.  Right now I'm on a plateau teetering between 1-3 pounds.

Gender: Girl (click here)

Nickname: "CHALUPIE"  So R nicknamed her Chalupie this week.  And I think it is kinda cute, more original and screams "us" so that's that. I asked him how are you going to explain this to your daughter when she is ten, and he replies, I'm gonna tell her that she is Chalupie and mom is Chalupa. So I reply with what's your next answer when she asks why I'm Chalupa. And he said oh.. long story.  So that's my explanation to you, long story!

Sleep: Still tossing and turning.  The worst part is that my bed is so soft that I literally need to push myself up and then turn and lay back down. GAH!  But I'm getting my new bed soon, and hopefully I can just roll this tummy over from side to side.  PS: The fetal position is so comfortable!  It cracks me up how your body changes and how you adjust when you're pregnant.

Craving: Nothing at the moment.  My tummy's been a little whacked out.  My appetite is super low, I have a bunch of left overs sitting in the fridge.

Missing: Nothing - I ended up having a little bit of raw fish after some research and so we're in the clear for now; although - it'll be game on once I pop this lil malasada out.  R already knows I want a pound of sashimi to share before we leave the hospital in July!

Symptoms: Just the tummy being a little uneasy.  One night it was so bad R literally made me just chill out for a night and we didn't even have dinner together.  I was super gassy and burping and the next day I had a bad case of nausea.  The nausea subsided but I still have a lower appetite than normal.

Looking Forward To: Stronger kicks.  I can feel them every day now, and I think I can feel them through my tummy when I'm lying down and have my hand there, but we haven't been able to catch her kicking while we're together.  And so I'm looking forward to daddy feeling her ASAP!  OH - and I have another check up on Saturday.  So far no questions in my notes app, they'll have a laugh at that cause I'm always prepared with a LIST of questions.

Best Moments: Feeling the love when R did those oober cheesy gender reveal shots with me and just let me be for a moment.  I really appreciated that!

PS: These bumpdates come at the "end" of the week so I can actually tell you about it.  So with that tomorrow I'll be 23 weeks! 17 more to go :)

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  1. A girl! That's so exciting. And I hope your stomach settles soon!

  2. Yes it is settled now! Still a low appetite, so I just eat small meals. HOWEVER - today at work I have a leadership meeting with a pasta bar and I hope I don't get a food induced coma in the middle of the meeting! Hahaha :)


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