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Friday, April 17, 2015

Welp.  It's been a minute, no?  Literally the time is flying by and I wish it would just slow down for a second, but I don't think that's happening any time soon.  I'm really thinking it'll happen when baby her debut, but I'm sure my maternity will go up in smoke before I know it.  So anyway - here are a few thoughts I've jotted down over the last two weeks and some fun links I'd like to share with you.  PS: Isn't that a pretty picture.  I took it on Sunday while we were at Kailua Beach just a little bit before sunset.  I kinda love it.

++Bagels are the ish right now.  Every Wednesday I've been going to Lox of Bagels in town before work to pick up some bagels for breakfast and they've been so delish.  Toasty and soft.  This week I got the cinnamon raisin with honey cream cheese and sun dried tomato with cucumber and dill cream cheese.  The latter will be saved for another day, maybe Saturday. Or maybe  I ate it the same day I picked it up?  Yah, totally did (see, this was supposed to be up on Wednesday). #fail

++Fast and Furious 7 is a must see.  We saw it opening weekend, and I mean, if for nothing at least go and watch Paul Walker's final movie.  They sent him off in the most endearing way.  A girl a few seats down for me was a little obnoxious with her crying which was a little weird.

++Ding Dongs are my jam.  Don't mess with it!  Haha.  NO, but for real.  I keep them to myself.  I don't share.  It's my one pregnancy thing so just leave it be!  I ran out yesterday, and this morning I literally had the last box on the shelf from Long's in my hand!  #win

++Last week and this week is insanely busy at work.  Project after project, report after report.  What I'm really dreading is teaching people how to keep the department running while I'm on maternity leave, yay!

++I've been missing Zumba lately and been blasting my Zumba playlist when I'm in the car alone.  It's a one man dance concert.

++Family is here this week.  So excited!  Love my cousins, we always have a blast and we talk.. ALOT.  We talk alot of game and get VERY competitive once the cards (Cribbage, Trumps) come out or we're doing a board game with teams (Taboo, Cranium).  Been teaching them how to play Bones the last couple of times they were here, so maybe we'll get in a few rounds of that too.

++It's Spring and I want deviled eggs!  These look amazeballs.

++I have two of these mugs from Target, and I think I'm going to have some fun with nailpolish this weekend to DIY it up a notch!  Well maybe I'll go pick up a few more too??!


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1 comment:

  1. I feel I transported myself into that beach picture! So breathtaking and I desperately need the beach, sigh. Thank you for that pic :)

    Ok, I love bagels and deviled eggs!! That one deviled egg looked killer with the asparagus! OMGeee!

    I ran out of bagels so I'm running to the store tomorrow to get me a new loaf. #winning

    Enjoy your family! <3


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