Week 24 Bumpdate

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No bump picture!  We completely slacked on taking any bump pictures this week and when I went to do it this morning in my bathroom... well let's just say selfie bumps are not the business for me.  I'm not that cool! Buttttttt since I'm going to be a mom soon, and today is my mom's birthday I'm sharing a picture of what I gave her.  Just a little quote that I wrote out and framed for her.  My mom is the queen of finding things so I thought that this fun little quote was fitting for her!  Happy Birthday Grams!!! Hahaha.

Size of the Baby: Ear of Corn (8.5 inches, 1.5 pound) (according to the What to Expect app)

Total Weight Gain: 11 pounds.

Gender: Girl (click here)

Nickname: "CHALUPIE"  You can click on the last bumpdate for the story.

Sleep: Has been pretty good.  Still rolling from side to side.  It's definitely more uncomfortable sleeping on my back, which sucks because that's how I like to sleep - but hopefully I'll have my new bed soon.

Craving: DING DONGS!!!  I noticed that I've been really enjoying foods that I loved as a kid.  And I had some ding dongs a couple weeks ago and just haven't been able to get my fill of them.  I finally bought myself a box last Wednesday - and it's time for a new one!

Missing: Just raw fish, like always.  Sometimes I just have to go have a sample at the poke counter.  I can't help myself.  I will definitely be having a poke bowl while I'm still in the hospital after I pop this little one out.

Symptoms: Back pain. BOO!  Charlie horses, or leg cramps.  They've been creeping in a lot more lately.  When I bend over to put on socks or pants, there is a pain I don't know how to explain.  Something is hitting something that it shouldn't be hitting - so that's fun too! Lol.  When the Ovia app tells you your uterus is the size of a soccer ball now, that kind of makes sense!

Looking Forward To: Getting through this month because at the end of it I'll be in my third trimester!!  Then I'll be having doctors appointments every two weeks, instead of every four.  I'm not looking forward to the darned glucose test though.  I hope I pass the first time around and don't have to do the three hour test later!  Wish me luck - it's on the 25th.

Best Moments: Nothing too exciting has gone on, but I had a good appointment at 23 weeks.  Doctor hasn't brought up my weight - which is one thing I was definitely worried about when I found out I was pregnant.  Being "obese" I didn't want to completely blow up to a balloon.

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