Big Announcement: Brave Dame Shop

Thursday, May 7, 2015

After about a year of countless hours day dreaming and months of talking about this new idea and shop, I've finally opened up the Brave Dame Boutique.

What is a Brave Dame?
A brave dame is a woman who is courageous and strong.  A woman who fights through the struggles in life to become a better person.  A woman who stares in the face of adversity and conquers it.  A woman who is not afraid to fail because she may fall seven times, but she'll stand up again eight times.  You can read more of my Brave Dame posts here.

What is the purpose behind the shop?
Whether it is a mantra for yourself or something you want to impart to the young girls and daughters in your life, the Brave Dame Boutique's purpose is to inspire women to be brave, courageous, just, strong, humble, honest, kind and loving - amidst all the trials and tribulations life hands them.

What can I find at the Brave Dame Boutique?
Currently, I have five digital prints listed.  Four of them were inspired by my little Chalupie growing every day in my belly (29 weeks tomorrow, all).  Another one was inspired by my mom, and is available to you as a last minute printable gift just in time for Mother's Day!

Currently the prints are only in black and white, but I do have some variations with colored background and am able to do custom colors, just send me a message with what you are looking for.

What else will you be introducing to the shop?
I definitely want to offer physical prints in addition to digital prints.  There will be a differential between the two and the details of that are being worked over in my head as we speak.  Also, I am playing with apparel ideas.  I have a couple of shirt ideas that are almost ready to go.  I would love to do a ton of baby shirts, just because that is currently in my forseeable future. 

So what do you think?? I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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