ALOHA All!! Hey - thanks for stopping by 91 Dash and showing some interest SPONSORING this lovely blog of mine.  91 Dash has grown leaps and bounds since it opened just a few 'ol months ago in May 2013.  Let's join forces together and let me help you get a bunch of new eyes onto your page and your brand!

All monies that are received through blogging will be put back into this blog whether it be through sponsoring others blogs or paying for premium services to take this blog to another level - both of which you should feel the effects from.

When sponsoring 91 Dash you don't just get to have your lovely little ad on my sidebar.  We will work together, celebrate each other, create a relationship and GROW TOGETHER!


Stats as of 3/1/14
Weekly Views: 1900+
Monthly Average: 7700+
Unique Visitors per Month: 1700+
3-6 posts per week
Readers (Bloglovin', Google +, GFC, Feedly, Feedburner): 517
Twitter Followers: 827
Instagram Followers: 458
Pinterest Followers: 354                                                     
Facebook Influence - blog posts posted on these sites (91 Dash + Instant Mommie): 204

Total Influence: 2,300 +

Just do it!  You will not be disappointed.

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